Are you working for
systemic change?

The Rauch Foundation invests in ideas and organizations that spark and sustain systemic change in our communities. We focus on areas where we can have greatest impact: children and families, the environment on Long Island and in Maryland, and regional leadership.

We are not afraid of controversial ideas, original approaches, or new ways to tackle old problems.  However, we do look for sound data, strong management skills, and a focus on proven outcomes. Once we invest in the work of an organization, our involvement may include a long-term partnership or assistance with capacity building and leadership.

We are also committed to partnering with nonprofits, corporations, institutions of higher learning, the media, and other funders to help achieve shared goals and work through common issues.

Our focus on children and families

The Rauch Foundation looks for organizations that take an innovative approach to early childhood development and learning. We award grants for important research and to programs that are creating demonstrable and lasting change in the lives of families and communities. We also support work that raises awareness of the critical public policy issues that enhance outcomes for young children.

In all these areas, we are particularly interested in ideas that have the potential to create sustainable models for the Long Island region and beyond.

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The environment on Long Island and in Maryland

The Foundation’s overarching goal is to restore a healthy environment and improve the quality of life on Long Island and in Maryland. Our specific focus in both locales is on water protection and management. 

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Regional leadership

In addition to the Long Island Index, the Rauch Foundation has on occasion supported pioneering regional leadership programs such as the Energeia Partnership. Such support, however, is rare and at the invitation of the Foundation. We are not currently accepting unsolicited proposals within this program area. 

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What we do not fund

As a general rule, the Foundation does not make grants to individuals, capital projects, or emergency funding.

If your organization is contemplating applying for Rauch Foundation support, we urge you to read about the work of our current grantees and familiarize yourself with the Foundation’s grant database.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to program staff by phone or e-mail prior to submitting a concept paper.

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