The Energeia Partnership:

A school for regional leadership

The Energeia PartnershipThe Energeia Partnership is a leadership academy at Molloy College that recruits proven ethical leaders in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors of Long Island and brings them together to network and strategize about new approaches to regional issues.

The Rauch Foundation played a key role in creating the program. Soon after launching its Long Island Index project, the Foundation recognized the need for a regional leadership academy that could help break through the silos and fragmentation that dominate Long Island and support a comprehensive and collaborative approach toward problem solving.

After researching models from across the country, however, the Foundation realized that it lacked the organizational capacity to take on the project and gave up the idea. Independently, a few years later, Molloy College president Drew Bogner and vice president Ed Thompson, in consultation with other regional leaders, decided to move forward with the concept.

Initially, the Foundation provided funds to support a feasibility and strategic planning document and later provided critical operating funding for the Energeia Partnership in its first year of operation. We continue to support the development of the program.

The Long Island Index is a curriculum for change

The Index is the heart of the Energeia Partnership curriculum. It provides a repository of objective data about the multi-dimensional issues challenging the Long Island region.

This wealth of information and analysis brings regional problems into sharp focus, giving leaders from the business, civic, and nonprofit communities a common starting point for their work together.

To date, more than 250 graduates of the program have used the curriculum to spur regional thinking and action.

A 2007 column on leadership: