The Parent-Child Home Program:

From local program to national model

Parent-Child Home Program

Every year, the Parent-Child Home Program helps thousands of disadvantaged families prepare their children for a lifetime of learning and school success. What started as a small, smart program on Long Island is now a national model.

In twice-weekly home sessions, Home Visitors demonstrate how to use books and toys to cultivate language and facilitate literacy skills. Families are empowered to continue quality play and reading between visits, and to create stimulating, language-rich home environments.

Focusing on prevention

The Parent-Child Home Program concentrates on preventing learning problems and uses a carefully developed and well-tested model to ensure quality services and consistent results. This evidence-based approach has produced impressive outcomes.

Children who complete a two-year program are 20% more likely to complete high school than their peers.

A long-term Foundation investment with impressive returns

The Rauch Foundation has made a long-term investment in the Parent-Child Home Program.  For more than 20 years, our support has helped the program steadily increase its capacity and raise its national profile.

In 2012, we granted new support to enable the Parent-Child Home Program to double the number of families it serves from 6,000 to 12,000 over the next five years.

The National Center supports 150 (and growing) sites around the United States and will now be able to increase its staff, improve its systems, and enhance its technology to better serve families in need.

The Parent Child Home Program was selected by the S&I 100 Index: