Smart and bold in action.


The Rauch Foundation has long played a vital role in thought leadership, drawing on our research, experience, and expertise to analyze and elevate key issues and engage a broader public in considering them. Our goal has been to ensure that our research and other findings inform public discussion and advance regional priorities, pointing the way to a more vibrant and equitable future.

Our thought leadership has taken many forms: 

  • the Long Island Index, which published objective data for 15 years on the challenges and opportunities facing Long Island;
  • nextLI, the Newsday initiative that has succeeded the Long Island Index, with initial funding from the Rauch Foundation;
  • Build a Better Burb, the online magazine of suburban design created and initially operated by the Rauch Foundation and now curated by the Congress for the New Urbanism;
  • analyses that illuminate further our research findings and experience;
  • op-ed articles and other commentaries that raise awareness of key challenges and opportunities;
  • interactive maps that enable Long Islanders to participate on their own terms in considering specific issues and their relationship to them;
  • cartoons that give us a humorous take and insightful perspective on Long Island issues;
  • infographics that convey topics in visually compelling formats.