Docs for Tots:

Improving how professionals support young children

Docs for Tots fosters connections between young children’s doctors, policymakers, early childhood practitioners, and other stakeholders. 


The Foundation has invested in changing pediatric practice to be more responsive to the needs of young children and their families.  

Almost 20% of all children have developmental disorders or delays.

Appropriate developmental screening by pediatric providers is not being done as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Only 20-30% of children with developmental disorders are identified before entering school, which means too many kids are not entering school ready to succeed.

Identifying and intervening in early childhood is the most efficient use of resources and provides the best results for families. Docs for Tots works with pediatricians and others to increase the use of standardized developmental screening procedures through communication, education and training, tools and technical assistance. 

Starting at the Nassau University Medical Center pediatric clinic and now expanding to additional Federally Qualified Health Centers in Nassau County, Docs for Tots has created a sustainable model that will ensure every child receiving care at those clinics will receive an age-appropriate screening.